Deakin university: A case study on collaborative relationship

Deakin universityAbout Deakin University

Deakin is one of Australia’s leading Universities, with over 42,000 students currently enrolled. 

Karly Lovell commenced with Deakin University in Fleet Management in 2001 after previously working as Duty Manager for Avis Australia. Deakin University was Smartfleet’s (Webfleet’s) first client and Karly assisted with the implementation and subsequent system development of Webfleet before moving into other roles at Deakin.  Karly now heads the Sustainable Enterprise directorate at Deakin University and is responsible for a number of key areas, including the Fleet Management team, now known as Deakin Transport.

Wendy Meesen is Deakin University’s Fleet Management Coordinator and has worked for Deakin University for eight years.  Prior to working for Deakin University, Wendy also worked in the car rental industry for seven years.

Together, Karly and Wendy have been instrumental in developing the relationship with Smartfleet to the levels of partnership we currently enjoy.

This case study is in the form of an interview with Karly and Wendy at Deakin University.

Challenges in fleet management function

• Reporting on financials of running a fleet are in the spotlight. Having a system which gives instantaneous reporting is really important.
• The new proposed changes to FBT laws will provide new challenges in fleet management- not only for Deakin but more widely. The possible impact on second hand cars as a further consequence to the proposed FBT laws may also challenge the effectiveness and efficiency of fleets.

How does Smartfleet help you in achieving your mission?

•  Smartfleet has been our fleet solution provider since 2002. We’ve really been partners in developing and co-creating solutions.
•  Smartfleet’s customisable reporting solutions have been good for cost management and efficiency purposes. The ability to report on greenhouse gas emissions helps us position ourselves as a leader in sustainability. Fuel usage reports help us drive efficiency in our vehicle fleet.

 By implementing Smartfleet’s pool vehicle booking module, we have an improved process that has enhanced the customer experience and significantly reduced paper usage. We have also been able to improve fleet utilisation and achieve improved efficiency in fleet management administration. 

What are Smartfleet’s key strengths?

•  The nimble business model provides us with strong account management. Our account manager, Monalisa Marin, is exceptional in servicing and taking of our needs.
•  Smartfleet values our feedback and incorporates suggestions for improvement where feasible. This responsiveness is good for the relationship.
•  The entire suite of products from servicing and maintenance to pool vehicle bookings are available at a reasonable cost and were developed to our business needs in implementation. 

What would you advise other universities with regards to their fleet management?

We believe that we have been able to achieve significant efficiencies through enhanced reporting and financial knowledge using the Smartfleet system. We would be happy to showcase our use case and how we utilise the processes we have been able to create with Smartfleet.