Showcase on aged care: Churches of Christ use of Smartfleet

                                                       An interview with Richard Schuster, who is responsible and accountable for all Procurement, Contract management and Fleet management for Churches of Christ in QueenslandChurches of Christ

What are your top challenges in the procurement and fleet management functions?

Being able to cost effectively operate vehicles that meet our residents’ needs is critical – especially because the current economic environment makes it a tough time in the Aged Care sector. On the other hand, we are seeing a lot of growth in community care and affordable housing. So balancing these aspects is a challenge.

How does Smartfleet help in achieving your mission?

Initially, we thought we might develop a solution in-house. However past experience made me realise that this could be fraught with IT delays, as well as the additional risk of key personnel leaving with their expertise.

In the end, we chose Smartfleet over the big fleet providers when we were looking for a solution because we wanted a flexible and nimble organisation that would work on a partnership model with us, rather than acting just as a vendor.  We have remained partners throughout our journey since 2007 when we first brought them onboard. 

What in your opinion are Smartfleet’s key strengths?

Smartfleet’s provides a dedicated Account Manager (AM) who actually listens and incorporates feedback into the system. Our AM, Monalisa, takes a proactive approach and is always on the front foot with what other clients similar to us are implementing.

The reporting capability and ability to export into excel is great. We even get data on carbon emissions. Being a ‘green fleet’ is important to us and Smartfleet’s system provides us with information to help us achieve this.

Smartfleet collaborate with us to ensure that their systems and processes are always evolving. The additional functionality that has been developed in the last 5 years has enabled us to achieve a lot of efficiencies in our fleet management services.