Your Needs and Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions and requested needs from organisations.

Q: What is meant by Fleet Management Services?

Traditionally, fleet management services would encompass a wide range of functions associated with running a vehicle fleet. This would normally include procurement and disposal of vehicles, service & maintenance authorisations, fuel and fuel card management, toll management, registration management, accident management, road side assistance and FBT reporting.

At Smartfleet, we offer all of these traditional fleet management services - and much more! Our innovative web-based fleet management system provides a broader range of services which are tailored and priced according to each client's requirements and needs.

Q: What can Smartfleet offer our organisation that others don’t?

Our unique web-based system is revolutionary within the industry and has helped our clients reduce costs, increase efficiencies and gain substantial savings. Our software solution offers innovative online modules such as:

  • Online tendering
  • Online pool vehicle booking
  • Online real-time vehicle tracking and data
  • Online performance dashboards and strategic reports

In summary, Smartfleet is in the unique position of being able to offer clients the combination of both outsourced fleet management services and a software system that complements that service. Furthermore, our software system can be used as a self-managed solution within your company – so you can centralise and manage your own fleet.

Q: What sort of benefits can we expect by utilising Smartfleet's system and services?

Smartfleet can demonstrate superior bottom-line results that have been achieved for many of our clients. We can help you achieve increased cost efficiencies, cost savings and reduction in asset costs, as well as increasing your fleet intelligence and reporting capabilities so that you have the tools to make sound management decisions.

Q: The ability to access automated, timely and detailed reports is important to us. What reporting capabilities can Smartfleet offer?

The Smartfleet system provides real-time, strategic reports to help you effectively manage your fleet. Our system generates a range of automated reports including performance dashboards and exception reports, as well as providing you with the tools to customise your own reports based on company requirements.

Q: Can the Smartfleet system integrate with our financial and HR systems?

Yes - the Smartfleet system has the flexibility to integrate with our client’s financial systems, such as Oracle. Many of our client’s intranets automatically provide HR information to the Smartfleet system through an automated web request. As part of the implementation process for each client, Smartfleet will identify and carry out all system integration requirements.

Q: Can Smartfleet help us with our fleet optimisation resulting in better utilisation and/or reduction of vehicles across our fleet?

Smartfleet’s sophisticated Online Pool Vehicle Booking Module is a centralised pool car system that tracks, records and reports on all vehicle movements and associated costs.

The module will provide valuable fleet utilisation data for effective fleet management, providing sound rationale for fleet reduction and efficient utilisation of vehicles across the fleet. Real time utilisation reporting can be accessed and analysed by clients for informed decision making.

Q: Can Smartfleet help us in reducing our changeover costs as part of our vehicle replacement and disposal process?

Smartfleet’s online Cyber Tender is one of the most innovative means of procuring motor vehicles in the industry. Over the past 5 years, it has consistently demonstrated that it achieves lower changeover costs over other, more common procurement methods.

Given the competitive nature of motor vehicle dealers, opening up the supply network to a large number of dealers will enable our clients to achieve more competitive new vehicle acquisition prices. Changeover costs are thus reduced compared to traditional changeover methods.

Q: Can Smartfleet help improve calculation and reporting of FBT details?

The Smartfleet FBT module caters for both the Statutory Formula and Operating Cost methods. It generates all calculations and then determines the lowest cost per vehicle between the two methods.

It provides real time data for analysis and proactive planning to reduce FBT liability for vehicles. The system also generates Vehicle FBT Reports and Employee Payment Summaries along with other automated reports.

Q: Can Smartfleet offer innovative new ideas on how our fleet management and operations can be improved?

Smartfleet prides itself on innovation. Modules such as the Tender system and Pool Vehicle Booking system have been designed and developed to meet client expectations. Smartfleet can also customise elements of the system for any unique procedures or processes clients may have.